SSW 1 001

Steering Damper Body, Black


The steering damper body in aeronautical light alloys is manufactured with anodised finishing.

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Product Description

Motorcycles, particulary racing bikes, feature a short wheelbase and aggressive steering geometry to enable quicker steering. This inevitably makes the bike more likely to ‘feedback’ from rough or uneven road surfaces, which can result in steering problems, or difficulty in holding onto the handle bars.
Steering dampers help to control such problems by inhibiting or ‘damping’ any undesirable movement, making a damper one of the most important additions for your bike

Steering damperΒ with coaxial compensation chamber, for the perfect performances constancy (exclusive patented since 1992).

  • Steering body in billed aeronautic light alloy, availableΒ in: A1 Red or A2Β Black
  • Adjustable damping in 18 clicks

Available in different dimensions. Please select from the drop down menu.

Additional information

Dimensions mm (stroke x length)

45 x 192, 60 x 222, 70 x 242, 70 x 262, 80 x 262, 90 x 282, 115 x 332, 130 x 362, 150 x 402, 160 x 422, 160 x 467, 165 x 432