HMG12 – Harley Davidson Softail


Renewed for the shock absorbers of the models “SOFTAIL” from the American Factory, with their characteristic rear suspension.

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Product Description

This kinematics mechanism works indeed “on the contrary”, in practice the compression of the rear swing arm causes a stretch of the suspension and therefore the devoted shock absorbers are characteristic, since they work “in traction”.
Springs are not visible anymore, but closed within a steel cylinder, which “turns upside down” the application of the forces lengthwise the axle of the suspension.

Setting adjusters: Newly designed the system of regulation of the pre-load spring, now more comfortable and faster in the intervention, in the new HMG12 has been added the chance to set the Compression hydraulic brake too (in 24 clicks range), to vary the absorbing comfort of asperities according to the preferences of the rider, whereas it has been kept the possibility to vary the length – in a range from “zero” to + 8 mm – to lower the bike’s back, thing which is often appreciated by Harley riders.

Technical features: nitrogen-pressurised, with oil/gas separator, aluminium piston, and steel piston rod diameter 14mm; they are made with the best steels available.

Like all Bitubo shock absorbers, the HMG12 can be fully overhauled with their Overhauling Kit (code: GR0079), to give perfect functional characters for many years.