Service Kits


Each Bitubo product has its own specific service kit.


Product Description

The package contains all the necessary spare parts for servicing and repairing BITUBO shocks and complete fork.

Every kit has the oil seal rod, all the O-rings for gas and oil joints, end stroke rubber and the sliding piston band.

Please check the Bitubo catalogue to see which service kit you require for your Bitubo product.

Additional information

Bitubo part(s)

WGE-WVB-WVE-WMB-WME-WNE '92, WZE-WZB-WAB '92, WZL-WZI '92, WZM-WXM '92, PV010-13-14-15-16-23-24-27-41-42, PV012 '92, PV021-002-026-37-39 '06, Hydraulic Pre-load XZE-XZM '05, ZZB-ZAB, YZE, ZZN, YZM, XZM '91-'93, XZE-XLE '91-'04, YBE-YBC, SSW, BBA '93, SSW Carbon, YZS, BBA '92, YZT, PV028, ZVB-ZDB, WMS-WMT, PV025, ABA, ZZP, EVB-EDB, XZB, CZE, FXZ, FXT, WZT-WAT-WAX, YAT, HBA, YCE, WAX-WHM-WHE, Hydraulic Pre-load FXT-FXF-FXM-FXZ, XZM-XLM-XZX, HMB-HMG, XZE '04, FXF-FYF, YZB-YAB-YPA, YVB-YDB, YZN '05-YXN, SSW Aluminum, GB040 WMT02, PV035, YCE '06, RDX-KDX '05, YPW, XXF-CLU-XZE '08 H=18.5mm, CYU-CLU-VXU, ABB, XXF-CLU-CYU-XZE '08 H=26mm, HZT, HZM, HMG Softail, ECH-RDH, GNE, YXB-YEB, YRB-YGB, YXN, PV021-022-026-37-39 '06, Compact Hydraulic Pre-load, VPE, VXE, XXF Top Out Spring K15, XXF Top Out Spring K10, XXF Top Out Spring K15 Band H10, XXF Top Out Spring K10 Band H10, WVB-WVE-WMB-WME-WNE-WGE ‘04 BLACK, ECH 2010 BUSH H10, PV010-13-14-15-16-23-24-27-41-42 – Years ‘92 +, PV044 Black, JBH BUSH H10, ECH 2011 BUSH H10