RDH – HDH, Complete Fork for SBK/Moto2 and MOTO3


BITUBO is proud to introduce the new RDH / HDH pressurised fork, without separated external tank.

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Product Description

RDH / HDH makes obsolete the old technology that uses the separate chambers, controls in the lower part and very delicate hydraulic systems. The RDH concentrate the controls only in the superior part for a faster reaction, and lightening the unsprung mass with the its total weight. The measure of the lower attach reduces the radial force left on the inner tube for a better sliding.
THE TARGET : Offering the best safety to the front end, thanks to the fork flexion decrease and improvement of rider feel under hard braking up to brake release; perfect control of compression speed even on hardest braking thanks to FPS® system; grip increase on entering and exiting a curve thanks to the high sliding and immediate hydraulic control; a more uniform tire wear thanks to its additional force of instant control; support in braking, even on extreme angles; the best riding curves on any kind of tracks; better performance by the front tire.
FPS (patented 2009). Full Pressure System represents the highest efficiency and practicality of this system. This innovative damping system is created for immediate fork oscillations control, thus avoiding any cavitation’s of the internal fluid, and it is supported by low pressure gas. The cartridges are asymmetric: where one controls the compression, meanwhile the other one controls the rebound. Having two alternate chambers at the two ends, it is possible to reach a very high damping coefficient even at very low speed, without any interference between rebound and compression.
All adjustments are located in the upper side of the fork: hydraulic spring preload (range 12mm); rebound and compression (24 clicks) are separated, one in the leg, one in the other.
RDH – Available for SBK and Moto2
HDH – Available for Moto3 

Additional information

Fork Plate Diameter mm

52mm (upper) and 58mm (lower), 51mm (upper) and 56mm (lower), 45mm (upper fork plate) and 48mm (lower fork plate)