Sliding Fork Kit


S-KIT, sliding is essential.

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Product Description

S-KIT has been developed for decreasing fork friction. Fork sliding is essential with braking, while the engaged forces could flex the front end as a consequence of the exponentially increasing friction. The fork fitted with KITS is continuously smoother and gives the rider better front end feedback during hard braking and while entering a curve.

These characteristics are obtained by selecting carefully the best sliding bushes ergal made, calibrate and inserted directly in Bitubo. There are no extra hand made adjustments which don’t offer the warranty results that we have tested.

S-Kit consists of:

  • pair of lower bushings for fork outer tube, with a special antifriction coating. They are included inside an Ergal 7075 ring, dimensionally calibrated for the correct coupling with the rod, as a guarantee of dimensional non-deformability of endurance.
  • pair of rod oil seals, with new drawn sealing edges and innovative treatment for the self-lubricant impregnation, thus highly decreasing friction.

Already available for sport bikes’ original forks with Ø43mm fork rods, now will soon be available in Ø41mm for several applications.