Vespa Front Type ‘Special’


Front Vespa and some scooter Piaggio monoshock “Special Line”, dedicated to the sportiest Vespa fans requiring the maximum from their vehicle.
The SPECIAL line is the concrete answer for people who look for the top of technique and performances, and represent the synthesis of those experiences collected by BITUBO in the racetracks.

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Product Description

Gas (Nitrogen) pressurised shocks with separate compensation tank. The lower attachment and the compensation tank, manufactured with aluminium alloy, present a particular “satin black” painting, which has been chosen not only for giving some modern and aggressive “look”, but also for its features of wear resistance and oxidising agent.
The set-up has been developed by BITUBO technicians for granting the best feedback to riding stress by the sportiest fans, as far as riding precision and performance constancy are concerned.

Thanks to the millimetric ring for stepless spring preload adjustments, as well as to the knob for the Compression adjustments (in 12 clicks totally), it is possible to personalise the suspension setting even more, according to the personal riding needs.